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Friday, June 4, 2010

Flotilla raid

It's been a long time since my last blog entry on Palestine.. Well I was away busy I guess but guess what here I am..

This time the same issue on Palestine also, our brothers and sisters there who have been out fighting and raising the flag of freedom for 60 years now. Israel just have been very brutal in the way the handle things and what they did to freedom fortilla especially to crew onboard Mavi Marmara a Turkish funded ship.

At least 9 were killed and several others injured in that attack of piracy by the Israel military forces. The Mavi Marmara was actually attacked in international waters not in the Israeli or Palestinian waters. This is act of insane and stupidity by the Israel government. The fortilla was carrying goods such as constructions supplies, food, medical aids etc etc.

Israel government claimed that those ship was carrying military equipment to Gaza and that is pure bullshit. They also claimed that the peaceful activists on board those ships are linked to the Islamic terrorist associations and they are not hell no! Israel and its government are the pure terrorist of this era and will be like that forever if we don't stop them.
Ya Allah please destroy Israel and save Palestine and Islam. Today and for the past few days been sad times for me and all our Islamic brothers and sisters because of this piracy act by the cursed Zionist Regime.

Anyway another Irish vessel named Rachel something, a ship funded by Malaysia is on its way to Gaza and the activists on board it expects the ship to dock in Gaza by Saturday or Sunday provided this act of stupidity and terrorism by Israel forces are absent.
Brothers and sisters in Islam all around the world, let's pray that this ship reaches Gaza and delivers the humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine. Also we hope that the siege on Gaza strip by Israelis will be taken off and more humanitarian aids can be provided to the Palestinians brothers and sisters, insyallah.


Ibrahim Bilgen
Ali HaydarBengi
Cevdet Kiliçlar
Çetin Topçuoglu
Necdet Yildirim
Fahri Yaldiz
Cengiz Songür
Cengiz Akyüz
Furkan Dogan

Monday, November 9, 2009

Forever Palestine...

Sami Yusuf- Forever Palestine....
Mother don�t cry for me I am heading off to war
God almighty is my armour and sword
Palestine, Forever Palestine

Children being killed for throwing stones in the sky
They say to their parents don�t worry, God is on our side
Palestine, Forever Palestine
Mother don�t worry when they come for us at night
Surely they�ll be sorry when God puts them right
Tell me why they�re doing what was done to them
Don�t they know that God is with the oppressed and needy
Perished were the nations that ruled through tyranny
Palestine, Forever Palestine
Children of Palestine are fighting for their lives
They say to their parents we know that Palestine is our right
They to say to their parents we�ll fight for what is right
They say not to worry God is on our side
They say we�ll die for Palestine
Palestine, Forever Palestine

Palestin oh palestin....

Palestin sebuah negara merdeka yg kini dijajah oleh puak yahudi zionis yg sgt kejam dan jahat.. Zionis adalah kaum yg dilaknat oleh Allah.. Ramai saudara2 kita disana palestin sedang bertarung dgn jiwa dan raga mereka menentang Israel yg sgt kejam dan bodoh...
Dimanakah Salahuddin Ayyubi yg satu masa dahulu mengetuai pasukan tentera Islam menentang yahudi yg kejam itu!!
Dimanakah kekuatan ummah kita utk menentang kaum yg hina itu!!
Dimanakah suara kita menentang suara mereka2 yg x berguna di Israel itu!!!
Kita harus sedar setiap masa bahawa isu palestin ini bknla isu org palestin tetapi ia adalah isu kita semua umat ISLAM...
Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi pernah berkata bahawa sesiapa yg menguasai Palestin maka dia menguasai dunia... Byk sejarah yg mengaitkan kita sebagai seorg muslim dgn Palestin...MAsjid Al-Aqsa adalah kiblat pertama kita sebelum Kaabah di Mekah...Ingatkah kita???!!! Peristiwa ISRAK DAN MIKRAJ berlaku dia masjid AL-Aqsa...PErnahkah kita terfikir mengapakah ALLAH membawa Rasulullah SAW ke Palestin dari Mekah sebelum ke langit ketujuh utk berjumpa dgnNYA??? Kerana PAlestin harus sentiasa diingati oleh umat ISLAM!! Kerana Al-Aqsa mesti sentiasa di pertahankan oleh umat Islam...!! Kerana akidah umat ISLAM mesti dipertahankan oleh umat islam itu sendiri!!
Objektif Zionis yg kejam : untuk meruntuhkan Masjid Al-Aqsa dan menbina kuil Hykal( The temple of Solomon) di tapak masjid Al-Aqsa...
Objektif kita: Mempertahankan masjid Al-Aqsa, melawan puak zionis yg bodoh itu!!
Apa kita boleh lakukan?? Takkan nak berperang di palestin?? Takkan kita nak mandi darah di palestin?? Takkan kita nak tinggalkan dunia kita yg aman disini utk palestin??
Peperangan ISLAM dan ZIONIS akan berlaku sehingga kiamat...!! Sehingga Nabi Isa A.S turun utk menyelamatkan umat ISLAM!! Kita sebagai umat Islam di serata dunia bkn disuruh utk berperang secara fizikal dgn ZIONIS tetapi kita ada ALLAH, kita ada kekuatan berdoa!! Kita ada kekuatan wang dan tenaga!! Kita ada ilmu!! Yg penting kita ada hati perut dan perasaan kasihan! Kita umat ISLAM, kita bukan ZIONIS yg kejam!! Kita umat yg sentiasa memberi belas kasihan tetapi jangan kita tunduk kepada ZIONIS di atas dasar itu!!!
Jadi!! Berdoalah (qunut nazilah) utk org palestin dan semua umat islam di dunia ini... Cubalah boikot barangan2 yg boleh membantu ISRAEL... Cubalah membantu menderma utk Palestin... Dan cubalah kita sentiasa mengambil berat isu2 berkaitan ummah kita, Insyallah!!
MArilah bersama2 kita membantu saudara kita di PAlestin dlm perjuangan mereka di sana!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Almighty..

Concept of god has been the since ancient times... Allah has assign many messengers to summon mankind to worship ALLAH S.W.T.. It has been through all our prophets till the last prophets that is Muhammad SAW... Muhammad SAW started his journey of 'dakwah' in Mekah and then was ordered by Allah S.W.T to 'hijrah' to a new city known as Madinah where the first empire of Islam was build under the ruling of prophet Muhammad SAW...
The concept of god was followed by all mankind even before the birth of prophet Muhammad SAW.. but prophet Muhammad brought the absolute teaching and the ultimate religion for the whole mankind...The Al-Quran, the holy book of ISLAM that was, that is and that will be always regarded as a noble book with ultimate perfection and cannot be question by any creature living in the universe...
ISLAM is a easy religion to follow and as long as we make it easy it is quite simplekan..? Some people make it complicated for them by sometimes thinking beyond that is unimaginable but as long as we are in the right path Allah blessing is always upon us...
This song by mawi and KRU really has good advice and the song is actually nice to hear..Video is just right below..So dear brother's and sister's, let us follow what ISLAM wants and if we can't do everything just do simple things and hope for the best that we will always be under the 'rahmat' of ALLAH The ALMIGHTY... As day goes by progression must be there so that we will be proud to say that we are the ummah of RASULULLAH SAW...
This advice is strongly for me and also for my brother's and sister's out there..So help me to become a wise and good follower of our beloved religion, ISLAM... May Allah have mercy upon us always, INSYALLAH....

Video klip bertaraf antarabangsa and lagu yg cukup memberikan nasihat... Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jihad menentang diri...

After so long I am re-writing my blog.. Busy lately and just felt that I wanted to write about NAFSU AND JIHAD...
Jihad adalah kita melawan againts something in the path of Allah the Almighty.. Jihad has many scopes if we really analyse it... Jihad againts the kufur, jihad againts the wrongdoers and also jihad againts ourself of something we called nafsu..
NAFSU is something very strong that is able to gain control over the activities of the human..this thing called NAFSU is good for us to have it but sometimes we go beyond how we are suppose to use it... NAFSU is actually our feelings or our perception to do something.. I may not be using the correct word to describe it... Well NAFSU is important we it makes us feel good such as eating, sleeping, having sex, doing something but sometimes this nafsu applied far away from the situation makes it not acceptable by ISLAM...
How we are going to go againts this so called bad nafsu if it comes...I admit its hard and it is very2 challenging to go about it because i myself experienced it and sometimes we just don't know what to do to control it...
Still today mankind n me especially still fighting againts our nafsu or bad wills to control it but not to remove it from our life... Just as a reminder for me and the ummah that we must be strong and grow stronger it fighting it..It's a JIHAD n we are bound to jihad... I did mistakes off my past due to my nafsu but I am determine to be a better person for our beloved Islam..
So dear brother's n sister's fight hard and be strong... Any advice I would be happy to listen... Help me and help our brothers and sisters in undergoing this JIHAD, Insyallah...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hanya Takdir...Untukmu Palestin

Sebuah video utk melihat nasib sedara se-Islam kita di Palestin...Marilah sama2 kita berdoa agar mereka dibebaskan dari kekejaman zionis yg makin menjadi-jadi dari hari kehari... Insafi dan bersyukurla atas nikmat yg Allah telah kurniakan kepada kita yg sedang bersenang-lenang menikmati rezeki dan kurniaan ciptaan Allah S.W.T..apakah nasib mereka akan terbela..walau kita x mampu berjuang, berperang dgn kekuatan kita, gunakanlah kekuatan seorang muslim iaitu DOA.. moga2 Allah S.W.T makbulkan doa kita utk selamatkan rakyat Palestin, dan seluruh umat Islam yang hidup ataupun yg telah mati di dunia mahupun di akhirat kelak..AMIN!!

Ikhlas from me...Hanya yg termampu..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


HOLIDAYS ARE HERE FOR 2ND BATCH IMS BANGALORE!!! Truly excited but still some piece of worry at the back of ma mind.. Well holiday is holiday friends.. Le't enjoy holiday ya!!!

To all my friends going on vacation and adventures, take care of urself and be on the earth k.. dlm bahasa melayu nyer jgn lupe dunia la wei!! To yg balik Malaysia kim salam byk2 kat org Malaysia.. Friends going to GOA, damn jaga mata wei!!! Jgn balik da tercabut bijik mata suda.. amik2 gambarla tunjuk kat aku nanti..

I am still thinking where am I going to go?? Well no plans yet just for now.. I like movies maybe partly I will enjoy movies also.. Ermm pasal jalan2 ni xtau g.. Insan tu pun tgh kelas kan so xde mood sgtla nak jalan.. Kroni2 aku plak pi balik Malaysia.. Haaa..Ramaiah Medical College 5-a side football tournament pun just around the ermm surely this year my team is going to participate..But sadly it will be not the typical team from my batch yg menang juara tournament tu last year... Well we have a strong junior batch maybe who knows glory..glory junior batch!! Make sure u guys win k.. And to friends who is in Bangalore dtg2la menyokong pasukan2 kita yg akan berentap sebagai juara bertahan utk defend title IMS sebagai champ Ramaiah tournament.


Ermm..well comments on the team this year is we won't have Hamid(manager je), Fareed Firdaus a.k.a besaq(winger, midfielder), Shazwan(defence,flank), Vijay(supersub,striker).. I, Joe, Cai and Shah will be playing though...addition to the team is Izzat and Mustaqim.. Well the spirits are not high to win the tournament as last year because our seniors are not participating due to exam...pandaila Ramaiah buat time2 exam ni..But still the juniors will be carrying huge responsibility to win the tournament...Pray for us and our safety during the 'huge' tournament k...Pertahankan maruah IMS!!

Of all this excitement.. Don't forget friends..Internal Assesement is around the corner ya..aku pulak sempat main bola ek..hahaha!! Whateva it is, we must do our best friends!!! Tak kire la tinggi ke x asal semua pass!! Bak kata org the art of medicine is passing!! Bkn passing bola tp pass exam yer!! Common chaiyok2!! Haahahaha!! Anyway I will pray for all our sucess and let us all do the best and what it takes to live a happy life k!!!


from me, R.O.A.D.T.A.L.K.S